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First, the good news: At the rate the state’s population is growing, real estate should remain a popular career choice for years to come. Now, the better news: It's a career choice with options.

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​​​In a series of four videos, the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University explores what it takes to be an effective communicator. The presenter is Mays Business School Executive Professor John Krajicek.

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Real Estate Center's Top Ten for JanuaryReal Estate Center's Top Ten for January2016-02-03T06:00:00Zreference
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​​​​Check out the top ten list of the Center's most viewed articles for the month of January. 

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Monthly Review of the Texas EconomyMonthly Review of the Texas EconomyBy Ali Anari2016-01-29T06:00:00Ztechnical-report
Texas Economy
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​How does the Texas economy compare with the national one? This report looks at all the angles with a particular focus on employment and unemployment. It includes rankings of various industries by employment.Digital and Print1862https://www.recenter.tamu.edu/articles/technical-report/monthly-review-of-the-texas-economy https://assets.recenter.tamu.edu/Documents/Articles/1862.pdf
Real Estate Center Turns 45Real Estate Center Turns 452016-01-26T06:00:00Zreference
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​​​​​​The ‘70s was also the decade in which the burger chain revolutionized the fast-food industry with products such as the Egg McMuffin and Happy Meal.

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Outlook for the Texas EconomyOutlook for the Texas EconomyLuis Torres, Wayne Day2016-01-15T06:00:00Ztechnical-report
Texas Economy
​​​​​​​​​This monthly report offers an overview of the various sectors of the Texas economy, including housing, manufacturing, energy, employment and trade. Digital and Print2046https://www.recenter.tamu.edu/articles/technical-report/outlook-for-the-texas-economy https://assets.recenter.tamu.edu/Documents/Articles/2046.pdf
Texas Housing InsightTexas Housing InsightJames P. Gaines, Luis B. Torres and Wayne Day2016-01-14T06:00:00Ztechnical-report
Texas Economy

​​​T​​he Texas economy continued to grow in November but at a more modest pace in the face of a weakening global economy, lower energy prices, and a strong dollar. 

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Trends: Texas Commercial Real EstateTrends: Texas Commercial Real EstateLuis B. Torres and Harold D. Hunt2015-12-14T06:00:00Ztierra-grande

​​​​Natural vacancy rates can be useful in the quest to understand where future commercial rents and construction in Texas are headed.  

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2016 Economic and Housing Outlook: Q&A with James Gaines2016 Economic and Housing Outlook: Q&A with James Gaines2015-12-11T06:00:00Ztierra-grande

​​​​​​RECON editor Bryan Pope interviewed James Gaines, the Center’s new chief economist, and shares his insights. 

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Green Light on Transportation LegislationGreen Light on Transportation LegislationHarold D. Hunt2015-11-30T06:00:00Ztierra-grande
Legal Issues

​​​​Texas transportation funding is transitioning from borrowing money for highway construction back to a pay-as-you-go model. The recent election provided another source of highway funding that does not raise taxes. 

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