Down in the ValleyDown in the ValleyMcAllen-Edinburg-MissionJoshua Roberson2020-06-02T05:00:00Ztierra-grande
Texas Economy

​McAllen-Edinburg-Mission's economy was flourishing until ​COVID-19 impacted some of the area's major economic drivers, such as healthcare, cross-border trading, and winter Texans. The extent of the damage is still unknown.

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COVID-19 Impact Projections on Texas EconomyCOVID-19 Impact Projections on Texas EconomyLuis B. Torres2020-05-29T05:00:00Zspecial-report
Texas Economy

​​​​​​​​​​​​The Real Estate Center's new economic indicator can help forecast changes in the Texas economy resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Come here for weekly updates.

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Texas Border EconomyTexas Border EconomyJames P. Gaines, Luis B. Torres, Wesley Miller, Paige Silva, and Griffin Carter2020-05-27T05:00:00Ztechnical-report
Texas Economy

​​The domestic coronavirus outbreak and ongoing decreases in global manufacturing production triggered a downturn in economic activity along the Texas-Mexico border in March.

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Monthly Review of the Texas EconomyMonthly Review of the Texas EconomyAli Anari2020-05-26T05:00:00Ztechnical-report
Texas Economy
​​​The Texas economy is suffering from COVID-19 pandemic and low oil prices. The state's economy lost 1,110,600 nonagricultural jobs from April 2019 to April 2020, an annual decline of 8.7 percent.

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Outlook for the Texas EconomyOutlook for the Texas EconomyLuis Torres, Wesley Miller, Paige Silva, and Griffin Carter2020-05-20T05:00:00Ztechnical-report
Texas Economy
​Decreased economic activity was reflected in a steep decline in hiring and a related surge in unemployment, with unemployment insurance initial claims indicating even higher joblessness in April.

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Get SmartGet SmartBuying, Selling High-Tech HomesKerri Lewis2020-05-20T05:00:00Ztierra-grande

​​​​​​​Studies show a growing number of homes use smart devices. While such technology can make a listing more attractive, it also adds steps to the buying/selling process that license holders need to know.

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Unforeseen CircumstancesUnforeseen CircumstancesContractual Obligations During a PandemicRusty Adams2020-05-18T05:00:00Ztierra-grande
Legal Issues

​​Broadly speaking, “acts of God" or force majeure are natural events that could not reasonably have been foreseen and prevented by parties in a legal contract. Courts will need to address whether the COVID-19 pandemic qualifies.​

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Texas Housing InsightTexas Housing InsightJames P. Gaines, Luis B. Torres, Wesley Miller, Paige Silva, and Griffin Carter2020-05-11T05:00:00Ztechnical-report
Texas Economy

​​​​​​​​​With half the month affected by the domestic coronavirus outbreak, total Texas housing sales decreased 4 percent in March, but still resulted in moderate first quarter growth.

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Residential Rental Protection and COVID-19Residential Rental Protection and COVID-19Wesley Miller2020-04-28T05:00:00Ztierra-grande

​​​A surge in residential evictions can have reverberating effects on individuals and society. To minimize those effects, protections have been put into place at the federal, state, and county levels to keep tenants in their homes in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

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Where is Rent More Affordable?Where is Rent More Affordable?Ali Anari2020-04-22T05:00:00Ztierra-grande

​​​​​​​​​A recent Real Estate Center study shows that, while rental housing remains more affordable in Texas than in the nation as a whole, affordability growth in the Lone Star State has slowed.

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