Podcast 417: January mail callPodcast 417: January mail call2019-01-17T06:00:00Z2019-01-17T06:00:00Z

​​​​​In today's Red Zone podcast, we address some questions and comments sent to us by our constituents. We also get the scoop on the Texas economy from two of the Center's latest monthly economic reports. Tune in for all that and more. 

Podcast 416: Looking aheadPodcast 416: Looking ahead2019-01-09T06:00:00Z2019-01-09T06:00:00Z

​​What's the outlook for Texas housing affordability this year? Find out from Center Chief Economist Dr. Jim Gaines. He joins us today. We also look at employment data from around Texas. Tune in for all this and more.​​

Podcast 415: That's a wrap!Podcast 415: That's a wrap!2018-12-19T06:00:00Z2018-12-19T06:00:00Z

​​​​On the last podcast of the year, we look at the economy along the Texas-Mexico border. We also share some Christmas facts and a special message from Center Director Gary Maler. Plus, which Texas cities have the fastest internet download speeds? Join us as we bid 2018 adieu.

Podcast 414: Rent!Podcast 414: Rent!2018-12-12T06:00:00Z2018-12-12T06:00:00Z

​​​​​On today's Red Zone podcast, we talk about the best places to work and rent in the country, according to a study. ​We also look at two new Center articles—one about short-term rentals and another about single-family renters. For all this plus a rundown of the Texas economy, tune in. 

Podcast 413: A year in reviewPodcast 413: A year in review2018-12-05T06:00:00Z2018-12-05T06:00:00Z

​​On today's Red Zone podcast, Center Chief Economist Dr. Jim Gaines looks back on Texas' housing market so far this year. He also tells us what may be in store for 2019. Tune in for his commentary plus more real estate news.

Podcast 412: November news reportPodcast 412: November news report2018-11-29T06:00:00Z2018-11-29T06:00:00Z

​​It's nothing but news on today's Red Zone podcast. Hosts Bryan and Hayley look at two new Center reports and real estate headlines from around the state. Plus, what day is the best day for closing on a house? Tune in for all this. 

Podcast 411: Thanksgiving appetizers Podcast 411: Thanksgiving appetizers 2018-11-14T06:00:00Z2018-11-14T06:00:00Z

​​​​In today's episode, we look at two new Real Estate Center ​economic reports.​​ Plus, North Texas has the highest-average-per-person holiday budget according to a WalletHub study. Which other Texas cities made the list? Tune in for the details.

Podcast 410: Thank you, veteransPodcast 410: Thank you, veterans2018-11-07T06:00:00Z2018-11-07T06:00:00Z

​​​With Veterans Day coming up this Sunday, we look at the best places for ​​former military​ members to live in the country. Plus, just how many veterans are in America? All this plus Texas real estate news in today's Red Zone podcast. 

Podcast 409: Oh, the horror!Podcast 409: Oh, the horror!2018-10-31T05:00:00Z2018-10-31T05:00:00Z

​​​​Eek! On today's spooky Halloween podcast, we read some real estate horror stories sent in by "ghost writers." Plus, we report on real estate news from around the state. Tune in if you dare. 

Podcast 408: Halloween pre-partyPodcast 408: Halloween pre-party2018-10-24T05:00:00Z2018-10-24T05:00:00Z

​​On today’s episode, we give you lots of real estate news from around the state. Which North Texas city has landed on WalletHub’s list of the best places for Halloween? We'll tell you. Plus, we highlight some​ spooky activities happening in Texas state parks. Take a listen.​​​​

Podcast 407: Headed down southPodcast 407: Headed down south2018-10-17T05:00:00Z2018-10-17T05:00:00Z

​​​In today's Real Estate Red Zone podcast, we head down to the Texas-Mexico border to talk about the local economy with Center Research Associate Wesley Miller. Tune in for this and much more. 

Podcast 406: Water cooler talkPodcast 406: Water cooler talk2018-10-10T05:00:00Z2018-10-10T05:00:00Z

​​​​​​In this week's Red Zone podcast, we discuss some points taken from the Center research staff's latest roundtable meeting. Plus, we head to Conroe, Kaufman County, and Smith County for some real estate news. Take a listen. 

Podcast 405: October news blastPodcast 405: October news blast2018-10-03T05:00:00Z2018-10-03T05:00:00Z

​​​​​In this week's Red Zone podcast, we talk about the state of Texas' economy and housing market. Plus, we report on news from Houston, Dallas, and New Braunfels. Tune in for all this and more. 

Podcast 404: Fall mail callPodcast 404: Fall mail call2018-09-26T05:00:00Z2018-09-26T05:00:00Z

​​​​In the first Red Zone​​ podcast of autumn, we ​​​answer questions from our constituents. Plus, we ​​​​​​​​​​​​report on news from San Marcos, Houston, and more. Get all this in less than ten minutes. 

Podcast 403: Dixie land dataPodcast 403: Dixie land data2018-09-20T05:00:00Z2018-09-20T05:00:00Z

​​​Center Assistant Research Scientist Dr. Erin Kiella joins us on today's Red Zone podcast to talk about new rural land data for Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Plus, how's the economy faring along the Texas-Mexico border? Tune in for all this and more. 

Podcast 402: Nest or nest egg?Podcast 402: Nest or nest egg?2018-09-13T05:00:00Z2018-09-13T05:00:00Z

​​Where can I find rural land data for Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana? What factors go into deciding to invest in a home or the stock market? What's happening in Texas real estate? We answer all these questions and more in today's Red Zone podcast.

Podcast 401: Drum roll, please!Podcast 401: Drum roll, please!2018-09-05T05:00:00Z2018-09-05T05:00:00Z

​​​On today's podcast, we unveil a new Real Estate Center home price index coming this fall. Center Senior Data Analyst Joshua Roberson joins the conversation. Plus, we have news from Plano, Sherman-Denison, College Station-Bryan, and more. Take a listen. 

Podcast 400: The four hundredPodcast 400: The four hundred2018-08-29T05:00:00Z2018-08-29T05:00:00Z

​​​It's the Red Zone's 400th episode, and to celebrate, we reminisce about the podcast's humble beginnings back in 2009. We also look at new Real Estate Center reports and a blog about Houston after Harvey. Tune in for all this and more. 

Podcast 399: One-person showPodcast 399: One-person show2018-08-15T05:00:00Z2018-08-15T05:00:00Z

​​On today's Red Zone podcast, we welcome two new members to the Real Estate Center's Advisory Committee. Plus, we report on news from Dallas, Lubbock, Edinburg, and Corpus Christi. All this in only ten minutes. Take a listen. 

Podcast 398: Another day, another dollarPodcast 398: Another day, another dollar2018-08-08T05:00:00Z2018-08-08T05:00:00Z

​​​​​​Celebrate National Dollar Day by tuning into the latest Red Zone podcast. On today's episode, we have news from San Antonio, Austin, and McAllen. Plus, which four Texas cities are among America's biggest "boomtowns?" Keep listening to find out.