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TEXAS – Texas Independence Day was celebrated March 2, 2017.​ Texas is now 181 years old.

Here's a recap sample of the 181 things we love about Texas, according to Dave Thomas of the Austin American-Statesman. (Coworkers and Facebook friends also pitched in.) ​​​

1. Willie Nelson. 
2. Real barbecue. Spelled with a “c,” of course, because the c stands for “cow.” 
​30. Playing dominoes with old men.​
43. Cowboys. Real cowboys.
44. Cowboy hats for everybody! Even fake cowboys!​
55. Chuck Norris. If a tree falls in the forest, does anybody hear? Yes. Chuck Norris hears it. Chuck Norris can hear everything. Chuck Norris can hear the shrieking terror in your soul. ​
56. Tommy Lee Jones. Are you going to tell him different?
59. Friendly strangers. Even when they don't think you're packing a pistol.
86. Farm-to-Market roads where the pickups that pass you all give a friendly wave.
105. How the desert smells when it rains.
106. Horny  Toads. Just how cool they are. Not how they smell.​

181. Real-life Texas military heroes. We salute you Audie Murphy, Roy Benavidez and everyone else who served with honor in hard times. 
Austin American-Statesman
Austin-Round Rock
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