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​​​​​​​​ABILENE - The Abilene Zoo has some new residents—the long-awaited Giraffe Safari is open at 2070 Zoo Lane.

The new $3.8 million multi-species exhibit doubles the giraffes’ old habitat space and now 'stretches' for a total of 30,400 sf.

Guests will be able to hand-feed romaine lettuce to the zoo’s giraffe herd at eye level from a raised feeding deck, dubbed the Twiga Terrace.

“Twiga” means giraffe is Swahili. Giraffe encounters will be sold for $4 at the new facility.​

The new landscape gives the animals more room to roam and display behaviors seen in the wild. 

The layout features the latest in safety and care standards for the animals and will allow for a breeding program.

The zoo also has added to the herd, bringing the number of giraffe at the zoo up to six: four adult females, an adult male, and a young male calf. ​

Be sure and stay up with the zoo's gnus​.

Other African animals also are featured in the exhibit, including Aldabra tortoises, red river hogs, a new colobus group, small antelope called blue duikers, and large birds called kori bustards.

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