Tierra Grande readers speak outTierra Grande readers speak outBryan PopePope
2017-06-29T05:00:00ZCenter News
​​​It's been five years since we asked Tierra Grande readers what they think of our magazine, and a lot has changed since then. We've said goodbye to a few long​-time writers and hello to some new ones. We've also moved to "digital-first" publishing, which allows our website visitors to read most TG articles days or even weeks before the magazine hits mailboxes.

In light of all these changes, now seemed like a good time to once again find out what TG readers think. So we did. Earlier this year we rolled out our survey. We heard back from 182 readers. That's 75 fewer responses than we received in 2012, but, as Senior Editor David Jones noted, the feedback was surprisingly comparable.

When asked how they would rate the overall value of TG, just over 80 percent said "very good" or "excellent." More than 95 percent of respondents "agreed" or "strongly agreed" that TG articles contribute to their knowledge and understanding of real estate.

"The magazine is full of interesting, comprehensive articles," said one person. "I have used several in conjunction with my local paper to educate the average consumer on legal steps/issues that come up during real estate transactions. Many of the articles have enlightened my agent/broker members as to new rules, regulations, or upcoming legislative issues."

Seventy-eight percent share magazine articles.

"Great job, great publication, valuable resource. I look forward to reading it when it comes in and sharing some of the content with clients and fellow Realtors," one reader wrote.

Sixty-one percent were unaware that they can read TG articles online well before the magazine is published. And while we're very proud of our move to digital-first publishing, the vast majority of readers (70.6 percent) prefer the printed edition to an interactive digital magazine. Even so, 79 percent said they would read a digital TG if that was the only option.

Of course, there's always room for improvement.

"More content, more content, more content," said another respondent. "I view the magazine as a core resource. I would prefer it be produced bi-monthly."

Bi-monthly? That's a pretty tall order, but we'll certainly take it under advisement.

Oh, one more thing: Ten respondents were randomly selected to receive $25 Amazon gift cards. Congratulations to Minor Taylor, John Luna, Michael Bray, Eileen Keller, John Crews, Holly Christian, Parke Patterson, Shad Bogany, Richard Meyer, and LadyBarbara Cato. Your cards have been sent.​

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