Two cars in every garage, six chickens in every yard?Two cars in every garage, six chickens in every yard?Bryan PopePope
​​​​Chickens in yard​​​​
Last week, the State S​enate unanimously passed SB 1620​, which would allow residents in a subdivision to keep as many as six chickens in their backyards.

More than likely, you already knew about this. I first learned about it this weekend on my neighborhood's "friendly" Facebook page. Folks there were squawking with excitement over the prospect of having a daily supply of fresh eggs.​

Naturally, the bill led to more than a few puns from legislators. Lauren McGaughy with the Dallas Morning News​ captured a few of the best (worst?).

​​​"I truly feel this is an egg-ceptional piece of legislation," said Sen. Bob Hall of Edgewood. "How did you hatch this idea? I would like to peck at it a little bit. Did you egg-nore any stakeholder?"

"This applies to a half a dozen chickens," said Sen. Royce West of Dallas. "Is that with or without fries?"

The Houston Chronicle, for its part, posted video of Sen. Paul Bettencourt of Houston going all Foghorn Leghorn​ during a discussion about the bill.

The bill, which can be viewed here​, does include a few restrictions, of course. In addition to limiting the number of chickens a resident can keep, it calls for a prohibition on breeding poultry and keeping roosters. It also calls for a minimum distance between a chicken coop and a residential structure.

Of course, as of this writing the bill is still with the House, so let's not go counting . . . well, you know the rest.

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