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​​​​​​It was a short note. 

“Howdy! I am a student at Texas A&M and I'm wanting to start a small passive investment into real estate. I am also a beginner and know very little about real estate but I'm eager to learn. Can you guys help me out?" 

This was my reply. 

Here are a few things for you to think about as you pursue real estate investment. 

  1. What type of property interests you the most? Look at the buildings around you and figure out what looks interesting to you. Land and buildings require a great deal of care to keep them generating income, so you better like what you are managing. 
  1. Get a job working for someone managing the type of real estate that interests you most. You need to learn how the asset works and how to take care of it. I cannot emphasize this enough. It will save you from making many mistakes. 
  1. Managing real estate isn't a “passive" job. You need to be ready 24/7 to take care of it and serve the tenants who are paying you to be in your space. 
  1. Plan to enroll in the Master of Real Estate Program at Texas A&M. Start talking with staff running the program so you can get the prerequisites for the program. Seats are limited so make sure you have good grades and some real estate work experience. https://mays.tamu.edu/master-of-real-estate/ 
  1. Get an internship working for a firm managing the type of real estate that interests you most. The experience will help you a lot when you are in the MRE program. It will significantly increase your odds of getting a great internship in the program. 
  1. Go to real estate conferences to network and learn what interests you. Look into different industry organizations, such as: 
  1. Always conduct yourself with the highest ethical standards, and do your very best to serve people. It will open doors to great real estate opportunities. 

Have a suggestion for a beginning investor? Drop us a note at info@recenter.tamu.edu


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