Free land (data)Free land (data)Hayley RiederRieder

​​Rural land chart over photos of Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana landYou may know that the Real Estate Center has rural land price and tract size data for Texas. But if you live in some of our neighboring states, you might be having trouble finding the data you need.

Well, Southerners rejoice! The Center now has rural land price data for Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. 

Data of this kind can be found nowhere else. 

Users can access analyses of prices and tract sizes regionally and statewide going back to fourth quarter 2005. Land market trend analyses are also available.

Many other publicly available land data use responses from surveys and are often unable to capture the entire market and may be biased. 

On the contrary, our unique data aggregate actual market data, truly representing the local markets. 

The information can be used by potential buyers and sellers of land to get an idea of market trends taking place on either a regional or statewide basis.

These data are in addition to rural land data for Texas, its regions, and its land market areas going back to fourth quarter 1971. 

The reports indicate past general conditions in these markets and do not represent prices or values of any particular farm or ranch. They do provide a general guide to land market price levels and size trends.

The best part of this new tool? It's free, easy to use, and can be found exclusively on the Center's website. No signup required. 


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