‘Ain’t no (Texas) mountain high enough’ ‘Ain’t no (Texas) mountain high enough’ David JonesJones, D.


​​​​A friend of mine from New York once told me, “Texas would be perfect if only it had mountains." I asked, “What do you think of when you think of mountains?"

“The Appalachians," she replied.

She was surprised when I told her Texas has 56 peaks higher than Mt. Mitchell (6,684 ft), the highest mountain in the Appalachians. In fact, Texas has 63 mountains more than a mile high (measured from sea level).

The next spring she traveled to far West Texas and returned a believer in Texas mountains.

She found some Texas peaks, but they were a long drive from Dallas. Of the 150 “most isolated major summits of the United States," three are in Texas.

Nine of the ten tallest Texas peaks (including El Capitan, above) are in Culberson County where elevation ranges from 2,900 to 8,751 ft. The latter elevation is the summit of Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas.

Of course, when Texans talk about heading to the mountains, they probably are talking about the Colorado Rockies or the Sierra Blanca Mountains of New Mexico. One thing is for certain. They aren't talking about the Appalachians.

Ten Tallest Texas Mountain Peaks

Source: Wikipedia.


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