Expanding our reach in 2018Expanding our reach in 2018Bryan PopePope
2018-01-04T06:00:00ZCenter News

​​​​​​This afternoon we're doing some pre-production work to get ready for next week's first official Real Estate Center webinar. I say "official" because we actually did a test run a couple of months ago. It was a valuable learning experience. For example, we learned that muting the audio before the webinar begins is never a bad idea.​

Today, I get to play the host in our pre-recorded introduction. For me, this meant remembering to toss a sports coat​ in the car before leaving home today and making sure I looked reasonably presentable.

What this webinar means for you, though, is much bigger.

​​​​Our research economists are constantly in high demand for speaking engagements throughout the state and occasionally outside of Texas. Obviously, that's a lot of ground to cover. Last year, they logged a total of almost 70 speeches, from Lubbock to El Paso to Corpus Christi, and even as far away as Berkeley, California.​​

They spoke to numerous Realtor associations and at luncheons sponsored by land broker groups and mortgage groups, among others. Still, their reach was limited, mostly because of time.

​​With webinars time becomes less of an issue, and our researchers have the potential to increase their reach exponentially​. Webinar technology enables them to present their research findings to anyone anywhere at any time.

From a desktop computer, a viewer can watch a speech in real time, easily submit questions, and participate in polls. The online experience is practically as interactive as an on-site speech. Better still, each webinar will be posted on our YouTube page for anyone to view and share later.

This is new and exciting territory for us at the Center, and just another step in our efforts to help Texans make better real estate decisions.

​Stay tuned for more details about our webinars.


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