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2017-10-11T05:00:00ZCenter News

​​​Each month, the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) posts the number of real estate licenses held and real-estate-related complaints under investigation.

I find the number of licenses (just over 178,700 in August) interesting because our funding comes from fees paid by licensees. But TREC goes a step further and provides a breakdown of those numbers, which gives us deeper insight into the people we serve. Here's how last August's numbers broke down:

  • Real estate sales agents, 131,824
  • Real estate brokers (individual), 33,215
  • Real estate brokers (business entities), 10,204
  • Real estate inspectors (apprentices), 138
  • Real estate inspectors (licensed), 141
  • Real estate inspectors (professional), 2,992
  • Residential services companies (home warranties), 46
  • Registered time-share projects,155

The commission had just over 1,600 complaint cases open at the end of August 2017. They received 519 new complaints that month. They closed 542.

Year to date, the vast majority of complaints TREC has received (30 percent) have involved sales issues (e.g., negligence, rebate, referral, earnest money).

As of the end of August, 83 percent of complaint cases were open no more than six months. Thirteen percent were open six to 12 months, and only 4 percent were open a year or longer.

By the way, if you want to dig deeper into TREC's operations, the commission makes it easy to do. Click here​​ for a list of their monthly staff reports, strategic plans, financial reports, and much more.


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