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​​​S​​​alesper​​​son (3 min. 29 sec.)

When most of us think about a career in real estate, we probably think first of the salesperson. This professional shows real property, such as a house, and brings the buyer and seller together. Salespersons often specialize in residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural property.

Br​​​ok​​er (3 min. 46 sec.)

Brokers facilitate the transfer of properties between buyers and sellers. Brokers often specialize in certain types of real estate. Before you can be a broker, you must first be a salesperson.

Deve​​lo​per (2 min. 232 sec.)

A developer creates real estate projects such as housing subdivisions, apartments, and shopping centers. The development process includes planning, financing, building, and selling the property. They, too, often specialize in a particular kind of property.

Ins​​​pector (3 min. 41 sec.)

If your interest trends more toward the technical aspects of building construction, the field of real estate inspection might be for you. A real estate inspector makes sure that a buyer is purchasing a safe and sound structure. An inspector's report based on a personal examination gives details of a structure's defects and alerts the prospective buyer to existing or potential problems.

App​​ra​iser (4 min. 1 sec.)

Do you like dealing with numbers? If so, you may find real estate appraisal appealing. An appraiser examines a property, such as a condominium, vacant lot, or house and estimates the monetary value of the property in a particular market.

Prope​​​rty​ Manager (2 min. 19 sec.)

A property manager works for people or companies that own income-producing properties. The manager takes care of leasing and maintenance on behalf of the owners. Property managers sometime take on the delicate role of liaison between owners and tenants.

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