REC Land Market Conference CanceledREC Land Market Conference CanceledGary Maler2020-03-17T05:00:00Zother
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Given the exponential proliferation of the coronavirus, and being mindful of the health and well-being of our Outlook for Texas Land Market Conference attendees, speakers, sponsors and Center staff, the only prudent action is to cancel the 2020 conference. We will evaluate rescheduling the event, but this is a dynamic situation and possibly something we will be dealing with for a protracted time.

We will refund fees for those who have already registered. Your understanding is appreciated as we do our part to curb the spread of this disease.

America is still a great nation, and Texas is the greatest state of all. I am confident we will get through this and be stronger for it. There is something powerful and healing in coming together and making sacrifices for the good of all. This just might reunite us as a nation; I certainly hope so.

I have appealed to state leaders and to the Texas Real Estate Commission to make provisions for an extended grace period to complete mandatory education licensing course requirements. I am hopeful they will mitigate any inconveniences you encounter in securing course credits as a result of this or other cancelled course offerings.

We highly value our relationship with each of you. Stay well, and take care of your family and neighbors. I believe this crisis will bring out the best in all of us.

Until we meet again,

Gary Maler
Executive Director
Real Estate Center
Texas A&M University

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REC Land Market Conference CanceledREC Land Market Conference CanceledRE Center



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