For Our 50th Anniversary, We're Going Back to Our RootsFor Our 50th Anniversary, We're Going Back to Our Roots2021-01-15T06:00:00Zin-the-news
RE Center

Bringing Back Our Given Name

The Center was officially created and named the Texas Real Estate Research Center by an act of the state legislature In 1971. In 1986, the Center's name was unofficially shortened to assist in marketing. The assumed name, Real Estate Center, allowed the Center to assemble cleaner marketing materials. Since then, however, the operating environment has changed.

The Center is no longer the best kept secret in Texas, and although we welcome the increased market exposure, omitting the word “research" in our name has spawned imitators and caused confusion. We often get calls about listing or marketing real estate.

We are truly a research organization – in fact, the premier applied research organization in our field. I discovered the power of the use of the word research in our name when I had to defend and nurture an ongoing relationship that assures the Center's rightful place of prominence at Texas A&M University. The fact that our official name had the word research in it was the key to my success.

New real estate centers are popping up at other universities in Texas. The field is getting crowded as even individual brokerages are now using the name, real estate center, to piggyback on our reputation.

We are reassuming and reasserting our claim to our official name: Texas Real Estate Research Center. The name defines us properly as a research organization focused on Texas and the needs of our business leaders and citizens.

Texas + Research

Gary Maler

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For Our 50th Anniversary, We're Going Back to Our RootsFor Our 50th Anniversary, We're Going Back to Our RootsRE Center
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