October 2011

Tierra Grande Cover

Housing for the Ages

(Gaines) 4pp.

Aging baby boomers and Gen-Xers continue to dominate most housing markets, but Generation Y will drive future housing activity. Over the next two decades, more than four million Gen-Yers per year will turn 25. As this generation creates new households, construction will return to pre-boom norms.

Nine Reasons to Invest in Texas

(Anari, Dotzour) 6pp.

Texas stars shine bright for business, attracting big investors from across the nation. Why? Because of its big (and growing) economy, profitability, burgeoning population, affordable housing, and entrepreneurial spirit, just to name a few reasons.

Appraising the Appraisal Process

(Gilliland, Garcia) 2pp.

Faulty or fraudulent appraisals that falsified the value of collateral contributed to the 1980s savings and loan debacle and the 2008 financial collapse. In the wake of those events, regulations were implemented to restrict interactions between appraisers and lenders.

Fostering Innovation

(Anari) 4pp.

Economic growth and development is driven by entrepreneurs who create new firms that produce innovations in production, marketing and finance. Data on state-level entrepreneurial activity show that Texans respond to lower economic growth rates by creating more firms and thus more jobs.

Texas or Bust!

(Hunt) 4pp.

Texas' economy has been enticing people from all over the country to move here. Thanks to the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey, we know where they are moving from, what jobs they're coming for and what level of education they bring.

All the Right Moves: Navigating the Land Use Maze

(Wilson) 3pp.

Land use regulations can be daunting. Landowners and developers must understand why land use regulation exists, appreciate the tough posiition of city staff members, do their own homework on specific regulations, and reserve adequate time for the process.

Tax Law Updates

(Stern) 1pp.

Taxes for individuals, particularly high-income ones and investors, are scheduled to rise in 2013. Areas affected include tax bracket rates, payroll and self-employment tax rates, capital gains, dividends, itemized deductions and personal and dependency exemptions.

Mineral Mayhem: Deeds with Omissions

(Fambrough) 3pp.

Things get complicated when mineral reservations spelled out in earnest money contracts are mistakenly omitted from deeds. If such errors cannot be resolved cordially, sellers and buyers are at the mercy of the statute of frauds, the merger doctrine and the statute of limitations.

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