January 2008

Tierra Grande Cover

Looming Boom: Texas Through 2030

(Gaines) 5pp.

The next quarter century should be marked by prosperity in Texas, driven by population and job growth. By 2030, the state is expected to have added 13.6 million people, the equivalent of another Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston and Corpus Christi

Double Whammy: Foreclosure and Taxes

(Stern) 2pp.

Foreclosure has two possible tax consequences. Tax may be due as ordinary taxable income associated with the cancellation of debt or as taxable gain from the disposition of the asset.

How Inventory Affects Housing Prices

(Anari) 3pp.

A key macroeconomic concept -- nonaccelerating inflation rate of employment -- can be used to determine whether home prices in an area will go up or down.

Snapshot: Office Markets

(Hunt) 2pp.

The Texas office market has steadily improved in recent months. This article gives an overview of Texas' major metro office markets.

Ranching for Rookies

(Gilliland) 3pp.

Landowners, especially those buying land for weekend getaways, may not understand the rangeland management strategies necessary to keep vegetation and wildlife in healthy balance

Recognizing Mortgage Fraud

(Meyer, Garner, Fambrough) 2pp.

Mortgage fraud is a serious offense that negatively affects the entire industry. Practitioners can report suspected fraud to authorities without fear of reprisal.

Packin' It Up: Texans on the Move

(Anari) 4pp.

Whether they rent or own their homes, Texans are on average more likely to move than U.S. residents as a whole. Relocations translate to commissions for real estate licensees and big bucks for moving-related businesses.

Little Pieces, Big Prices

(Gilliland, Pachchigar) 2pp.

Texas land sales are slowing somewhat, but prices are still rising. For the first time, the per-acre price was more than $2,000, reaching $2,075 for the first half of 2007.

Private Equity

(Donnell) 3pp.

Private equity firms have transformed the ways institutional investors invest in real estate. Core, value-added, opportunistic and fund of funds investmens use different strategies to produce competitive, risk-adjusted returns.


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