January 2006

Tierra Grande Cover

The State of Real Estate

(Staff) 6pp.

The Center's annual look at the year ahead with an over-the-shoulder glance at tumultuous 2005 is packed with insightful perspectives.

Texas Land Market Developments: First Half 2005

(Gilliland, Carciere, McLain) 2pp.

Prices paid for Texas rural land continued to rise in the first six months of 2005. The weighted median price rose 11 percent from $1,238 to $1,379 per acre.

Texas Real Estate Legislation, 2005

(Fambrough) 5pp.

A summary of important real estate-related legislation passed by the 2005 state legislature.

Coming to Texas

(Murdock) 2pp.

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita brought rain, wind damage, homeless evacuees and renewed debate about whether immigration is good or bad for Texas.

Masters of Disasters: Helping Businesses Weather the Storm

(Hunt) 3pp.

Catastrophic natural events and escalating terrorism have given rise to firms specializing in keeping businesses afloat in the worst of times.

Texas Title Trail

(Gilliland, Carciere, Davis, Z.) 3pp.

Take a trail ride through Texas history to learn how government-owned lands gradually were transferred to private ownership.

Texas, Do We Have a Foreclosure Problem?

(Gaines) 3pp.

Foreclosure rates can signal a price bubble that is likely to burst. What does Texas' foreclosure rate indicate about the housing market?

Home Investment: Residential Property Prices and Inflation

(Anari) 2pp.

A study of Texas home prices and inflation over the past quarter century will interest those wondering whether residential housing is a good investment.

Road Trip . . . What's Deductible?

(Stern) 1pp.

Before embarking on your next business trip, revisit the expenses Uncle Sam says are deductible and those that are not.

Austin Legal

(Fambrough) 4pp.

The 79th Texas Legislature made a heapin' helpin' of changes to laws affecting real estate. Here's what you need to know.

In Search of a Better Deal: Effects of Limited Service Representation and Agent Experience

(Ford, Rutherford) 3pp.

Do limited service representation and agent experience make a difference when it comes to selling price and time on the market? A study offers answers.


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